Wednesday, May 14, 2008

..And She Was Right - Day 3

Today's session did not go as planned. I arrived at Sunset Station around 11 and was looking forward to playing a nice 5 hour session before picking up wifey. And it started off the way a session against a fish tank should start. after the second hand I was up $20 after raising with top pair after the flop (ATs) with the first player betting out. I got called by the player behind me and the original bettor folded. I then bet the turn and got called. seemed fishy so I checked the river and after showing my top pair he flipped over his flush draw. I was a pig in shit. I was playing with guys that did not know how to throw away hands when facing two bets with draws that were not to the nuts. I thought to myself, now this is how it's supposed to be. average one decent pot or so an hour, protect my chips the rest of the time, and average a cool $20 per hour and make all my friends at home jealous. well, the poker gods know how to read minds and they also know how to tell jokes. evidently the joke was on me for the rest of the session as I did not pick up a single premium hand. the table was very passive but every time I picked up suited connectors in position, of course it was raised and I had to throw it away. I picked up suited aces in position and of course the flop would come all of one suit which was not mine. hell, I even limped with dueces, saw a flop that was checked around, hit my duece on the turn which made a three flush. I took down the pot but it was one of those sessions where nothing comes easy. I felt like Daniel Negraneu on high stakes poker season two where he would flop a hand (most times the nuts) and get drawn out on by the river. It reminded me of a session I played at Borgata where I was sitting 3/6 with a bunch of donkeys and still managed to lose $248 that day. having gone through that and bouncing back to still show good profits has given me the experience and where-with-all to see this as a day of variance and just running bad. I didn't think I played poorly, but in limit hold'em with 4 - 6 to the flop you have to have a hand or a profitable draw to proceed. didn't get any of those today. Just to keep things in perspective, if I go on a tear one day and break everyone at the table, I will have to keep in mind that I am not that good either and variance was in my favor on that particular occassion. hopefully that day will come and I can reference this post at that time. In the mean time, I am looking forward to playing again tomorrow and realing in the fish as opposed to getting fried by them.

Even as I watched my stack get scorched over the roughly five hours I played, I couldn't help but think how much I love playing. two of the biggest fish at my table raked in over $125 each during my session. One of them was our champ from yesterday that gave away a couple racks and from what I was told gave away about five racks the day before. Turns out he is local. And that's what keeps 'em coming back and that's what keeps me playing against them. they will think back to days like this, tell themselves they are good players who are just unlucky at times while I'll be stacking their chips more than they will be stacking mine. God I love poker! till next time, here are my abissmal figures for today:

Hours Played This Session: 4.75
Gave: $120
$ per hour: -$25.26

Month to Date: -$23
Year to Date: -$23
Hourly Rate Year to Date: -$2.04
Total Bankroll: $594

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