Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm Playing Like Ryan Howard - Days 4, 5, & 6

Over the last 3 sessions things just haven't been going right for me. I'll put together a short run and build my stack, only to get cold decked, out-drawn, and counterfeited. I feel like I'm sure Ryan Howard is feeling this season. He is sure of himself but the results just aren't there to back it up. However, I'm not going to bore you with bad beat stories and the other donkified plays my opponents have been throwing at me lately. Instead, I'm going to keep this positive as I always will whether I play myself down to the felt or I run up my bankroll and move up in stakes. Negativity has no place in one's mind who has a burning desire to be successful. The way I see, I can go on believing that I am a good player and continue to attempt to implement the plays I've learned through experience and studying the major poker authors' works and if I do turn things around and build my bankroll up we can look back in retrospect and say that it was my determination and fortitude that got me there. If I go broke, well we can say that it was a pipe dream and that I should have known better. Either way, having a positive outlook will only help to increase my chances at success. I read an author once wrote that everything we tell ourselves about the future is a lie. It's a lie because the future has not happened yet and therefore we have no factual basis for the things we tell ourselves about it. With that said, he went on to write, why not tell ourselves positive lies about the future? This way, we start to create self fulfilling prophecies about it and a pattern of success. I think that type of thinking carries a lot of weight and I subscribe to it. just remind me at the table when I am getting my top pair top kicker slaughtered by the guy who decided to call two or three bets cold preflop with his baby pair and hit his 8-1 set on the flop to beat me. Or the other guy who flopped two pair with his Axo while again I am holding the dominant preflop hand. Variance will work itself out, but the short term can really suck sometimes. With all that said and as bad as I felt when I left the game stuck $140 to a bunch of donkeys, I am only down $116 since moving out here. All in all, not a really deep hole to dig myself out of. It's just tough explaining to the missus who I feel like I am playing pretty well for the most part yet I don't have any benjis to show her to prove it.

Ok, here are the figures for the past 3 sessions. Read them and weep with me:

Hours Played This Session: 5
Gave: $8
per hour: -$25.26

Month to Date: -$31
Year to Date: -$31
Hourly Rate Year to Date: -$1.91
Total Bankroll: $586

Hours Played This Session: 5
Take: $55
$ Per Hour: $11.00

Month to Date: $24
Year to Date: $24
Hourly Rate Year to Date: $1.13
Total Bankroll: $641

Hours Played this session: 4
Gave: $140
$ Per Hour: -$35

Month to Date: -$116
Year to Date: -$116
Hourly Rate Year to Date: -$4.59
Total Bankroll: $501


Kyleigh said...

Good words.

Rizzo said...

thanks. starting this up again so be sure to check back often. i can use all the positive feedback and encouragement i can get.