Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Word On My Number Of Hours - Days 10 & 11

It's common knowledge to anyone in the know that playing poker for a living is much like any other job in that you get out of it what you put into it. And right now as you can see I am not putting in all that much in terms of playing time. It's not for lack of wanting though. Currently, with my home life schedule I am obligated to take Rebecca to work and pick her up when she is done. That accounts for approximately 2 hours on the road each day. I would be game for going directly to GVR and sitting in a game for the next 6 hours, but unfortunately that is not possible. the $4/$8 game does not get going there until mid morning. Usually when I get home from taking wifey to work in the morning I will do a little bit of housework, though nothing too strenous as I am not yet that domesticated. Add in making some breakfast and next thing you know it's about 11. So I roll on over to GVR and one table is going with a modest list for a second table. Either I will wait about 30 minutes for a seat in the current game or a new one will open. Either way, it's usually almost noon by the time we get going if it's a brand new game (they have to open the table, sell chips, wait for all the players to get settled, then deal high card for button.) That means I am left with about 3 hours for playing since I will get something to eat before having to pick up Rebecca between 4 and 4:30. Nights, at this point, are reserved for home time so that is my long drawn out excuse for not logging enough hours and why I am posting wins of $20 and $40 a day.

With all that said, I am getting really excited about how much my game is improving. I am making timely bluffs and rarely getting picked off (which means I should probably be bluffing more) and I am playing my marginal hands correctly in regards to position (many times checking in first position when I know I am going to call anyway and sometimes either winning a battle of mediocrity or picking off a bluff and with position value betting my upper level marginal hands when I sense weakness.) The cards are starting to come off the deck more proportionally and I am picking up my fair share of playable hands. Last week I would go days on end without picking anything up. And I continue to improve on the use of my tight table image. Observant players don't expect me to fire two and three barrels at pots. They feel like if I am that committed to a pot I must have the goods. I can't wait to get picked off and then be able to work on a table image that shows I am willing to bluff at times. That should to my overall bottom line as the gamblers at the table will be more likely to call me down. I look forward to changing gears depending on who is in the pot with me. I know that even in limit play, you can still play the players just as much as the cards dealt.

Good talking to you, here's the numbers for the past two days. Rebecca is off today and so am I. too bad the nice weather also took off today.

Hours Played this session: 2.25
Take: $10
$ Per Hour: $4.44

Month to Date: $51
Year to Date: $51
Hourly Rate Year to Date: $1.42
Total Bankroll: $668

Hours Played this session: 2
Take: $40
$ Per Hour: $20.00

Month to Date: $91
Year to Date: $91
Hourly Rate Year to Date: $2.40
Total Bankroll: $708

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