Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Soft Seat in Queens - Day 13

"We get outta here, get some coffee, ride over to that soft seat in Queens..." Joey Knish to Mikey McDermott, from the screenplay Rounders.

That's the advice I took yesterday when I headed back to GVR. My style of play works very well against the loose passive locals of Henderson. My session, though, started off brutal. I got myself involved in a pot with pocket 77 against a loose aggressive opponent. the flop came down 10-9-x. In first position I checked it figuring my opponent would be with completely nothing. although, this board is very much in the playable range for any opponent, I still decided I was going to check raise. I had been playing tight and aggressive for the first 90 minutes so there was also no reason for my opponent to doubt that I had the goods, other than that I might wait till the turn to pull the trigger. My opponent called and a 7 fell off the deck on the turn. It improved my hand considerably but it still gave me that feeling you get when the card that just came off helped your opponent more than it helped you. I lead out on the turn and got raised. hmmm, was I looking at a made straight, a semi-bluff, two pair, or a bigger set? I didn't think my opponent was capable of bluff raising in this spot since I showed so much strength with the check-raise on the flop. the river brought a little card and I checked to my opponent who set me in for my last $8 (I should have just bet out anyway.) he showed top two pair (10-9) and I scooped the pot by hitting my two outer on the turn. I was way behind on the flop so for once I was the donkey who sucked out...and it felt satisfying to catch a break finally. I parlayed that pot which took me from the felt to over $80 and it felt like I caugth some momentum. In one of the strangest pots I've ever played I check in the BB with Q9o and the flop comes 9 high. I bet out on the flop into 6 callers hoping to get a couple to drop out; they all stay. the turn card still keeps me with top pair but now the board is much more coordinated. I bet out again and get three callers. the river brings an 8 and now once again I believe I'm so far behind. I check, the player to my left checked (passive calling station) and the player from the previous hand I detailed bets out. the pot was huge and I figured I had plenty of a hand to call him. I also figured the player behind me would not overcall with anything less that two pair. my opponent showed a smaller 9 and had not paired his kicker. the player behind me shows J8o for middle pair, and my Q90 hold up to win a monster pot.

It's so ironic that junk hands at times win huge pots like that while I had my Aces cracked once again. this time it was a bit my fault since I did not bet the turn when the betting doubles to $8. I gave an opponent a free card and he spiked a set on me (crazy enough, he hit is two outer to a set of 7s.) the flop came down Q-J-x with two spades. when I bet I got called in two spots, but I wussed out and did not bet the turn like I am supposed to. I deserved to lose the pot for making that mistake. I cannot allow a free draw to the spades and I must protect me hand. don't know what I was thinking, but lesson learned. thankfully the pot was not huge so the tuition for this course didn't put me on tilt...too much :-)

"show him what he won Johnny!!"

Hours Played this session: 3.66
Take: $83
$ Per Hour: $22.68

Earn: Month to Date: $86
Year to Date: $86
Hourly Rate Year to Date: $1.91
Total Bankroll: $703

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